Guardian DE & Cartridge Filter Cleaner

Guardian DE & Cartridge Filter Cleaner uses Bright Bay’s “Next Generation” chemistry to clean dirt, grime body oils, suntan lotions makeup, and more from contaminated filters while at the same time removing mineral deposits that impede water flow. Removes impurities and mineral deposits in one step while dissolving hard calcium deposits with ease.   Return filters to their natural surface and color using Guardian DE & Cartridge Filter Cleaner.


Cleans grease, oil, grime, makeup, lotions and more using Bright Bay’s powerful BioBased formula to attack the most stubborn deposits. Guardian DE & Cartridge Filter Cleaner removes contaminants and mineral deposits that are invisible to the naked eye.  Use on multiple surfaces beyond the pool for safe deep cleaning action.


Mineral buildup in the fabric of both DE and cartridge filters leads to flow restrictions and higher head pressure.  Use Guardian DE & Cartridge Filter Cleaner regularly to insure maximum pump life and efficiency.


Formulated with Bright Bay’s Next Generation chemistry and rooted in BioBased technology, Guardian De & Cartridge Filter Cleaner targets contaminants without impacting filter media or pool chemistry.  Designed responsibly for the environment, this product is nontoxic, biodegradable and natural.  Guardian DE & Cartridge Filter Cleaner contains no dyes, phosphates or optical brighteners.

Environmentally Friendly

Designed to Federal BioPreferred® standards, Guardian DE & Cartridge Filter Cleaner is made from renewable resources. Its sustainable solution is ideal for safely insuring maximum pump energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint, and eliminating damage caused by harsh acid cleaners