Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner


Tough yet Gentle, Effective, Safe, Biodegradable…Simple.  Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner is designed to safely remove hard water stains, scale, and calcium carbonate buildup from all surfaces around your pool. Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner uses renewable resources to create an effective cleaner that rejuvenates surfaces back to their natural appearance.


Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner breaks down hard water stains, scale, and more.  Most scale and water stains contain the common element of calcium.  This is the first product that has been specifically designed to remove build-up by binding only with calcium.  In targeting the calcium, remaining minerals and other deposits are broken apart and released to wash free without harm to tile glaze, pumps, filters, heating elements, or PVC pipes.  Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner is also a mild degreaser that can easily remove the layers of perspiration, suntan lotions, and other oils found on pool tiles.


Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner significantly reduces labor costs. Removing scale and hard water stains is no longer a major time consuming job.  It does the work while you do something else!


Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner does not contain muriatic (hydrochloric), phosphoric, oxalic, or citric acids which can be difficult to handle and damaging to surfaces and equipment.


Over a period of time, hard water builds up on patio tabletops, windows and doors from all the splashing in your pool. Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner easily removes the hard water buildup/stains from glass table tops, sliding glass patio doors and windows. Guardian Pool & Tile Cleaner makes the difficult chore of glass cleaning simple and safe.