Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover


Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover protects the THREE E’s: Employee—Equipment—Environment


Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover is an advanced cleaning solution formulated to remove build-up from concrete/gunite/stucco/masonry hauling, handling and finishing equipment with the convenience of “on-site” application. Equipment can be cleaned without fear of environmental hazards.  With its temperate nature and ease of use, no job is too small or too big to tackle.


Developed from renewable resources for sustainability, Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover utilizes smaller optically active molecules designed to bond with calcium elements.  These molecules penetrate deeper into compounds allowing for a greater release of material without the use of harsh acids.


Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover will clean and protect, keeping vehicles and equipment looking fresh and ready for the next job.  Use Hurricane Concrete Remover on vehicles including ready mix trucks, pump trucks, and spreaders, job-site and quarry equipment, and job application tools. Hurricane Concrete Remover is also excellent at cleaning pre-cast concrete forms, thereby reducing consumption of form release chemicals.


Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover is easy to use and can be applied at the plant or on the job site using a low pressure sprayer, brush and bucket.


While Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover is one of the most advanced professional grade cleaners on the market, it’s user friendly nature makes it an excellent complementary item for manufacturers with a retail presence.  Hurricane Industrial Concrete Remover is the perfect product to suggest to the do-it-yourself consumer and is highly recommended for masonry sales and equipment rental shops. Hurricane Concrete Remover is manufactured and sold in the following sizes:

1-Quart (for retail); 1-Gallon; 5-Gallon; 55-Gallon; 275-Gallon