-100F Anti Freeze / Heat Transfer Fluid

One Product to Meet Many Needs

Developed from Bright Bay Products next generation chemistry, -100F Anti Freeze / Heat Transfer Fluid is the one solution for on board water systems. This non-toxic formula is designed for providing excellent freeze protection in multiple applications. Bright Bay’s -100F Anti Freeze / Heat Transfer Fluid is perfect for winterizing water systems, including water makers, fresh water lines, sanitation lines, engine cooling systems, a/c systems, and more. It is also an excellent heat transfer fluid for use in chillers, engines and other fresh water cooling systems where protection from temperature extremes and heat transfer science is crucial.

Made from 70% 1,3 propanediol and manufactured without the use of Petroleum compounds, -100F is the ideal multi-purpose fluid to keep on board when hazardous spills can be a concern.

Meeting the standards of ASTM D7518-09 base coolant for automobile engines and ASTM D7517-09 for heavy duty engines, -100F Anti Freeze / Heat Transfer Fluid offers greater stability and reduced acid degradation at high temperatures when compared to traditional glycols, making it ideal for today’s high performance aluminum engines.

The alcohol-free formula ensure maximum material compatibility with not just copper, aluminum, and brass, but numerous plastic components that can be damaged by many antifreeze products.


From “cradle to gate,” the production of -100F Anti Freeze / Heat Transfer Fluid with consumes 40% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40% versus traditional petroleum-based 1,3- propanediol and propylene glycol.

Environmentally Friendly

Assembled from USDA and EPA recognized biobased building blocks derived from renewable resources, making it a significant contributor to the quality and sustainability of life. -100F Anti Freeze / Heat Transfer Fluid is ideal for use around harbors and marinas seeking state “Green Marina” designation.

Preferred by those whose livelihood depends on a healthy aquatic environment!