Hammerhead Heavy Duty Degreaser

The One Cleaner to Take With You When Space Matters

Developed from Bright Bay Products next generation chemistry,Hammerhead Heavy Duty Degreaser is the universal degreasing solution for boat owners and service providers whether you are at sea or in port. This non-toxic formula is designed for multiple specialty applications without carrying multiple chemicals. Bright Bay’s Hammerhead Heavy Duty Degreaser is perfect for degreasing engines, engine rooms, outdrives, tools, bilge areas, sinks, showers, heads, fish boxes, and more. It is also safe for food preparation areas and food preparation equipment, making it the perfect degreaser to have on hand in the galley.

Choose Your Strength

The concentrated formula in Hammerhead Heavy Duty degreaser may be diluted for the specific application. Simply choose heavy, medium, or light duty. This flexibility makes Hammerhead Heavy Duty Degreaser the complete resource for cleaning grease, oil and grime from hard surfaces to soft goods throughout the boat.

Environmentally Friendly

Made from components approved by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program, Hammerhead Heavy Duty Degreaser can be applied with the confidence of achieving superior results while having minimal impact. Unlike most commercial degreasers, Hammerhead Heavy Duty Degreaser contains no dyes, phosphates, or optical brighteners making it ideal for use around harbors and marinas seeking state “Green Marina” designation.

Preferred by those whose livelihood depends on a healthy aquatic environment!