Hammerhead Hull Cleaner


Hammerhead Hull Cleaner uses a unique acid-surfactant blend designed to remove marine growth, hard water stains, rust, and calcium buildup. Hammerhead Hull Cleaner is free from traditional harsh acids such as muriatic (hydrochloric), sulfuric, and phosphoric acid. Hammerhead Hull Cleaner uses renewable resources to create an effective cleaner that rejuvenates surfaces back to a natural appearance.


Hammer Head Hull Cleaner is non-corrosive and therefore safe on virtually every surface including fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, rubber, and glass. It safely removes hard water stains and scale while leaving surfaces looking like new.  Its innovative formula provides the flexibility to clean almost any nautical surface without causing damage.

Easy to Use

Hammer Head Hull Cleaner removes hard water stain buildup from boat hulls without attacking the finish. Unlike harsh acids, Hammer Head Hull Cleaner will not dull the surface of Fiberglass or Aluminum Hulls.  Simply spray Hammer Head Hull Cleaner onto your boat, wait 20 minutes, rewet the surface and brush or wipe clean. The hull will be returned to its original surface without affecting the Gelcoat or Aluminum hull.  Don’t have time to wait?  Just allow Hammerhead Hull Cleaner to dry, and then clean the next time you wet your hull.


Hard water stains build up everywhere on your boat, including windows. Hammer Head Hull Cleaner is the only Hull Cleaner that is safe for windows!  Hammer Head Hull Cleaner is also a mild degreaser that can easily remove the layers of perspiration, suntan lotions, grease and other oils found on the surfaces of your boat.